Our law office is located in Liptovský Mikuláš. It is based on the cooperation of several lawyers with significant legal experience. The establishment of our office was a consequence of lasting professional collaboration of Mgr. Samuel Dorociak and JUDr. Peter Janči. We aim to provide a complex legal consulting. The purpose of our mutual partnership between the lawyers, achieving the maximum satisfaction of our clients. The law office represents an ideal platform for the achievement of common shared ideas and visions while fulfilling the goals and mission of advocacy.

Our main goal is to provide a practical and reasonable solution to a client’s problem. Our legal solutions are reached through proactive, logical and lateral thinking in harmony with the mission of advocacy

We mainly focus on the provision of legal services and consultation for private individuals, as well as for companies with business and investment interests, both in the Slovak Republic and abroad. Legal services are provided in cooperation with partner law offices not only in Liptovský Mikuláš, but in the whole country.

Our offices‘ clients also include legal persons, civic associations, legal persons‘ interest groups, governmental organisations and also natural persons in cases concerning the realisation and protection of their rights and legally protected interests.

When providing legal services we prefer the traditional standard combined with a modern and dynamic approach. We try to not only fulfil our clients‘ expectations, but also to exceed them.