Mgr. Samuel Dorociak


Mgr. Samueal Dorociak studied at the Faculty of Law of Commenius University in Brastislava, which he sucessfully finished in 2010. While studying at the universty he also worked in several law offices and companies where he gained experience in law and the business sphere.

After finishing his master’s degree in 2010, he gained professional experience as a legal assistant in the law office of JUDr. Peter Janci which he cooperates with even now.

During his practice he focused on commercial law through the realisation of various business transactions, including international contracts. He has expertise in the preparation of contracts and legal documents in the fields of energy, real estate, equities as well as civil and family law. He also acquired significant experience in the criminal law, administrative law when acting on behalf of villages and cities, and bankrupcty law.

Mgr. Samuel Dorociak is registered attorney-at-law. He is an active speaker of English language.


 JUDr. Eva Dorociaková

evkaJUDr. Eva Dorociakova recieved her legal education at the Faculty of Law of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, which she successfully completed with honors in 2009. She had done an internship at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic as well as an internship at the Embassy of Slovak Republic in Canada while studying at university.

After she finished her university studies in 2009 she was employed as legal trainee in the law office of JUDr. Milan Trnovsky, gaining experience in the preparation of contracts and other legal documents, in the field of equities, investment projects and also in representing clients in court and before public authorities.

Currently she mainly specialises in the field of family law, civil and commercial law as well as the field of foreign investments. She has significant experience in the field of local government. She speaks English and German.



JUDr. Peter Janči

peterJUDr. Peter Janci obtained his legal education on the Faculty of Law of Commenius University in Brastislava. After completing his university studies he was employed from the year 2000 in the law office G. Lehnert, k.s. Since 2004 he works as an  attorney-at-law.

During his practice he gained experience in the field of commercial and civil law, intellectual property rights and employment law. He provided legal counselling to natural persons and corporate bodies with interests in Slovakia and abroad. He also possesses significant experience in representing claimants in court during litigation and providing legal counselling in matters concerning real estate.

Commercial law is his specialization, with a specific focus on the rights of business corporations and the law of contract, intellectual property law, industrial law and property law. He is also a specialist in representing land associations and in matters of land law.

JUDr. Peter Janci is a registered attorney-at-law. He is an active speaker of German and English.